The Roundtable

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The Roundtable is meant to be a forum for two kinds of participants: contributors (game developers) and audience (game enthusiasts). In this forum, the contributors bring a demo that pertains to the topic of the “round”, for example “Round 1 – Jumping”.

To contribute please make sure you bring the following:

  • An electronic demo/example of the round-table topic
    • Doesn’t need to be a game
    • Does NOT need to be a game
    • We wont publish your code, but code must be created by YOU and only YOU
  • The personal reasons for choosing to contribute the topic
    • A Hypothesis on the topic
      • Must have a slant that relates to the topic, e.g. double jumping, wall jumping, jumping attack, etc.
      • Your unique, intriguing, slant into the topic will expose more depth
    • Your conclusion
  • List of games that have used this aspect

We will collect these into a library of sorts, hopefully publishing the volumes for new students to benefit from your exploration.

Please send email with interest (contributor/audience) to by this Thursday the 27th of August, 2009

First Issue:


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