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Playmine DayThe goal of the 24PM is to simply have a game jam. I was inspired to include this as an activity for the workshop from a multitude of sources; the most important of those being Thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen. Though it differs from their implementation guidelines for an event like this (outside of logistical issues such as space, and resources) it has been an extremely beneficial and wonderful tool

Here you’ll find the games that have been produced in our 24hour game jams. They vary in size and may not run immediately on your computer. Please email us about bugs you *will* encounter with [24hours-bugs] on the subject line; though we wont apologize for all the games’ crudeness, we will appreciate your understanding of the game’s small, tiny, petite, minute, time budget.

System requirements are “loosely” the following:

  • Win XP
  • DirectX9c
  • IntelChips
  • Mostly NVIDIA graphics

Our first game

Our second game

Our third game


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