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May 26th, 2011 No comments

Playmine: Gamejam 24hours

This is the official call to join us. Some of you already know from teacher mention, or flyers, etc. You’ve been invited because of your awesome participation in previous jams. Not everyone will get in… make sure you respond with [playmine] or [gamejam] in the subject line, if you want in that is.

Seats will go fast! Act Quickly!

Game jam details:


June 4th, 5th


Noon or 12pm (Sat) through 12pm Sunday


FS3C Rooms 113, 114

Limited Seating

50 on campus


Up to 25 online


Delta (we’ll explain)


BYOF, Drinks will be provided


Bring your own PC



The structure of this game jam will be different to other game jams in which I’ve participated or arranged. Everyone will design, program, develop, produce towards at least one (1) common game… it’s experimental, it will be fun, it’ll shine brightly on your resume 😉

There are 50 positions to be filled out. You must be a students enrolled in a university (Any) and must have a good, open, attitude to work with anyone on anything.

Remember: reply with [playmine] or [gamejam] in the subject if you’re able to participate!


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What is cowardice?

August 22nd, 2009 No comments

The playmine session over the weekend of the 18th and 19th of July was fantastic. The game/prototype is up, packaged in zip format, just like the other two.

Heres how it occured:

  1. I introduced the team members to one another and gave a little rason detre for the playmine. I also got them to agree to an “Air NDA” for ownership of the game, which was basically a copyleft scenario (share+modify-commercial)
  2. This time, we agreed on a constraint: Board Game. I realize that it could have been done in analogue form, and that we could have used Game maker or something like that, but the challenge is to actually program something we can have greater ownership of the challenge. Moreover, c++ is actually something everyone in the room has knowledge about, whereas other tools are sparsly known through out the game degree.
  3. The emergent game idea was about using gameplay to promote a COWARD behavior from the players. Scooby Doo & Shaggy we’re inspiring.
  4. Everyone got to code something into the game. The production got separated into 4 main teams, interface, core tech, gameplay, and support. This will have to be revisited in future events.
  5. We hit our first gameplay test at 3am on the 19th, about 12 hours after design was crafted.
    1. Soon after, we had our first “sugar” crash, which lasted until sunrise ~ 7:30ish
  6. It became very difficult to debug through the code base after that since many of the modular code features were too isolated from one another: redundancy was/is very apparent through the code base.

Well, we finished with something. It has a charm to it, showing some progression in design intent, though still having issues that prevent the game from being fully playable. We’ll get it before our 10th game I’m sure; however, the goal of this workshop isn’t to make the best game ever… it’s to collaborate. I was so inspired, I ported the game to Kodu – MS research and had a blast making it.

You can try it and see if it works. Let us know of any bugs @

May you and your game creator collaborators always keep your inspiration fluctuating within you and without you in a beneficial way to all.


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